Animals: tiny buddhas


This is Peach. Googly eyes and all. She is a tiny Buddha.

If you are a pet owner, take notice of how your little friend moves today. Notice how every movement is organic, balanced, completely natural. Watch them stretch and roll around. Animals are perpetually in the now. They know nothing else. As such, they are fully present and completely accepting of what is. They can teach us much.

So today find the playful animal within you. Stretch any way you like. Don’t feel limited to set postures. Roll around on the floor. It’s really one of the finer things in life. Stop, notice your breath, feel your presence. Pretend for an instant that you have no past, no future, but only this moment.

Happy Sunday.

By Terence Stone

Chief Editor and Founder of Urban Spiritual, I’m a classically trained singer and actor living in New York City, who has performed in the U.S. and Europe. I’m also a writer, traveller, meditator, arts-lover, and well-being enthusiast.

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