Liberation: Soothing the Ego



ego, you are a child
grasping and whining in the moonless night
must i always take you by the hand
and lead you to the brimming horizon?
we stand together in twilight
and i know when the sun rises
you will do me wrong
a thousand times again
but i tell you, one glorious night
i will leave you to weep and fade into darkness
and i shall bask
in the dripping honey rays 
of eternal light.

by Terence Stone, © 2012

Listen to your mental chatter today. Be very attentive. Often there are processes going on that are subtly ingrained in our thought patterns. Do you find yourself complaining, or mumbling curses, or engaging in self-degradation? That is the ego. Or rather, an aspect of the ego. Eckhart Tolle calls it the “pain-body.” It is addicted to pain. It convinces us that we need it, and so becomes familiar as it forces its way into our mental space. As a result, we begin to associate the pain with normalcy. It becomes an integral part of who we (think we) are, and as such we protect it.

Imagine growing a beautiful flower. One day a bug comes to eat of it. Believing that it is just a small, harmless nuisance you take no action to protect the flower. As the days go by, more bugs appear to eat of the flower. The flower begins to turn brown and speckled with holes. Then someone close to you tells you your flower is dying and attempts to remove the bugs. You block this person’s way, protecting the flower and its parasites. You’ve grown accustomed to the sight of the dying flower and can no longer remember its former beauty. You believe that this pest-ridden plant is in its natural state. Now, how ridiculous does that sound? And yet this symbolizes how many treat themselves on a daily basis.

Pattern often gives the illusion of safety. When we are habituated to reacting a certain way, we are less willing to see and to change. So, make it a point to check in with yourself today. Observe what’s going on. Accept it. The complaints, the anger, the sadness. They do not define you. The true self resides in the light of the ever-present moment; free from thought, free from emotion. It is a still and peaceful lake. Remember, to align with the moment, focus on your breath. Or try some meditation.

Be Here Now.

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