Poetry Plaza: On a Bench

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In my tuesday post, I expounded upon the idea that the power of choice is both humanity’s greatest asset and sorest detriment. This is simply the case because, unlike animals, we have the choice to be present or not. Many people choose not to choose. Unfortunately, our brain does not operate this way. If we choose unawareness, the mind does not stop. On the contrary, it quickens and continues to form complex chains of unconscious thought. Isn’t it strange? The less present we are, the more we ‘think.’ But when we choose presence, the distance between thoughts becomes greater. We experience stillness with refined, conscious thought. And conscious thought is just the best kind. With that, I leave you friday’s poem:

On a bench

insistent breezes wisp my thoughts away
and return to retort
laughing amicably
between the stillness,

those thoughts gone
and i
see them from afar—foreign,

look to the shrubbery
emerald and dancing
with the merry wind,
and embrace familiar movement
more part of me
than dueling thoughts

By Terence Stone © 2012

I’d like to add that if any of my readers are writers or artists and think they’d like to contribute to the blog, please get in touch with me. I would be delighted to feature photography, visual art, poetry, fiction, music, etc. Or if you have a good idea for an article, that would be most welcome as well. To that end, I’d like to thank my dear friend, Joe Marinelli for the beautiful photograph featured on today’s post.

Happy Friday!

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