There are no limits. There are only plateaus.


Pushing past your own self-held limits is another way to break into the eternal present. The unconscious mind and ego would have many enslaved, believing that they are capable of only so much. It is an instinctual defense mechanism. If one is unaware of their surroundings, of their inner-life and capacity, then exceeding the limit would be unwise, even dangerous. The issue is that most people operate in this state of mind so consistently that on those rare occasions when they want to push themselves, it becomes nearly impossible. The unconsciously habituated ego tells you to stop, fills you with doubt and fear. This can be a major hindrance in the early stages of meditation or any method of acquainting oneself with the now. More often than not, the ego is a scared child. We must love it, because it is part of us. Then, we must also observe it, soothe it and ultimately quiet it. There will be struggle in this.  But in small doses, if we continually push our limits, this ego subduing process becomes easier and easier.

Find your presence and know that there are no limits.

By Terence Stone

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