Friday Poem: The Spirit of Friendship


On this lovely Friday, think of all those people in your life who are near and dear to you. Perhaps you have many friends. Perhaps you only have a few very close to you. It does not matter. All that matters is the quality of those relationships. When we connect on a deep level with another human being, we have accepted and realized that the entrance of this other soul into our lives is meant to aid us on our journeys. You may only get a brief period of time with these people or they may walk by your side for the rest of your days. Either way, when souls connect, we always remember. So again, think of those closest to you whether they are physically near to you or not. If they’re far away, maybe it’s time to reconnect. Drop a line. Let them know how much they mean to you. And with that, here is a poem I wrote for three friends who will always be in my heart no matter where we are.

The Dawn that Binds

Heavy packed earth rushes
downward beneath our feet.
Crisp cool breeze flickers each
hair upon our heads.
The world is almost new again.

Shadowy figures entrenched in twilight
press upward ‘gainst gravity’s mandate.
A solitary chirping beckons
the Great Illuminator.
Silhouettes settle– we look
to the horizon

Crimson seeps into burnt orange creeps
into brilliant yellow flows
into pastel green blows
into blue, dark and waning

Their eyes twinkle the spark
in the well-spring of
their souls
whether tears of impending pain or joy
or simple suggestion of forthcoming light
it matters not
They are one.

One warmth against harsh cold
wrapped in blankets of
finest feeling-
That love which binds us,
that love
which caresses and cracks the sky

A single spear shoots forth
scatters across land and city
lifts shadows into light
endows each tear with radiance

We bask in resplendence
No need for words, for glances
The heat electrifies our energy
which spirals into one another’s
tendrils dancing, melding

Moment fades, gives way
moving once again
heavy strides dripping with hesitance
heavy hearts struggling for every beat
that draws them closer
to the schism.


though the dawn may scatter us
as it does its rays
we are of one source, one light
impenetrable and
one love which binds us.

By Terence Stone © 2013

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