Namaste: Honoring the Spirit

Namaste is a Sanskrit blessing that roughly translates to I honor the divine within. When we speak this blessing, we are acknowledging that place within us and others that is divine, God-given, or OM. It is a place of boundless love, acceptance, and presence. It is the idea that we are all of one spirit. In this way, we connect on a deep level with ourselves and with others. You need not be part of any sanskrit-based religion to connect with this blessing. It is a blessing that is present in all religions: to love and embrace one another.

I found this video by Humanity Healing to be a sound reflection on the meaning and practice of Namaste. I hope you do, too. *Just a note, the video is really only 5:45, the rest is credits and disclaimer.

May you know boundless lovingkindness. Happy Wednesday!

By Terence Stone

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  • Terence,

    I just posted you and got your name wrong, calling you Matt…I apologize. I wasn’t sure about your first name, but I didn’t want to go back to the other page and, loose the information I’d entered…a little lazy on my part.

    Thank your for creating your posts, I look forward to reading them.

    Was told that another meaning of Namaste was “The divine in me salutes the divine in you!”

    I see now that the constant emphasis on individual egotism that I was surrounded by growing up, blared at by the culture, made it difficult for me to feel safe in opening to others.
    Certainly the biggest factor in that was my immediate dysfunctional family. Yet coming out of that, making a life that is safe, respectful towards myself allows me to embrace the essence of Namaste. Knowing that others too have had their struggles. In moments of grace we truly can feel and see the divine in others. Which is the perception of reality. Not a concept, an ongoing experience.
    Which is also happiness. Yet as challenged as I may at times, there is no doubt, namaste is the invitation for the opening to true sight.



    • Excellent Video.

    • Terence Stone


      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, your definition of Namaste is correct. I shortened mine because I think “I honor the divine within” encompasses and salutes not only the divine within ourselves, but also within all other beings and things. Thanks for reading!