City Tip #2: Intend to Connect Honestly


For many city-dwellers, the high cost of living combined with the sometimes frantic need to stand out and be somebody results in a fast paced hustle that doesn’t give us much time to breathe. In fact, if we fail to make plans to unwind, chances are it either doesn’t happen or it occurs inevitably when we crash.

More than that, if we do not make time for ourselves, we cannot make real time for others. Even if we are going through the motions our minds may be elsewhere. If you live in a big city, think about how often you spend meaningful time with others. I’m not talking about a quick obligatory coffee or meal, or getting intoxicated to forget the woes of the work week.

The tip for today is to make plans to spend some significant time with someone else— your partner or child, a friend, even a complete stranger (if you’re one for volunteer work).

This may seem obvious to many, and if you are someone who already does this, fantastic. If not, remind yourself of what is truly important in this life. Human connection feeds the spirit.

When I say ‘spend meaningful time,’  I mean plan the outing (or staying in) with the intention to really connect. Put all other concerns aside and make the decision to simply be with that other person. Listen to them with presence and care. Speak to them in the same manner. If you can manage a whole day together, great. If not, even a 15-minute coffee break can serve this purpose. It is all about intention.

Wishing you boundless lovingkindness.

By Terence Stone

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Chief Editor and Founder of Urban Spiritual, I’m a classically trained singer and actor living in New York City, who has performed in the U.S. and Europe. I’m also a writer, traveller, meditator, arts-lover, and well-being enthusiast.

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