Every Moment an Opportunity for Awakening

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately regarding the eternal present about which I’m always talking. Putting it into words can sometimes make it seem a good deal simpler and more elusive than it actually is.

The truth is that it is simple and it can be elusive, but it’s something that must be felt. I can explain it to someone until the world stops turning, but that won’t necessarily bring true comprehension. Is it possible to access the eternal present, that is your true self, while listening to or reading someone else’s words? Sure. But you’d never say that other person was responsible. No, it would occur due to some moment of recognition that suffering is a choice. It would occur because in that deepest of depths, your truest desire is to end your own suffering.

Furthermore, accessing the eternal present requires a realization of that desire. It must be a choice, and it must be practiced. It can be a painful frustrating process, but it will change every aspect of your life.

So today I give you Eckhart Tolle, the author of A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, because he is truly one of the modern master’s of embracing presence. He’s also a joy to watch and listen to. In this video he offers a very effective method for awakening to the moment: allowing challenging situations to bring you into intense presence.

Basically, when we find ourselves in these situations, there will be a moment wherein we are on the cusp of being absorbed into the painful chaos of emotions. If we are unaware, we fall into unconscious behavior. These events are prime opportunities to make the choice to be present.


If you like what Mr. Tolle has to say, I would highly recommend A New Earth. It is a quick, but incredibly beautiful read. He puts things very simply, articulately, and practically, and offers wonderful insight and great tools into accessing the now.


Wishing you an intensely present Tuesday.

By Terence Stone

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    Nice….enjoy swimming in the fluid eternal prescense