Quote of the Week: The Joy of Being

SunsetWatercolor based on original photo by Florin Garoi

Worrying never robs tomorrow of its sorrow. It only saps today of its joy.

-Leo Buscaglia-

A poignant way to express the importance of staying present. When our mind is ‘living’ in another time, as it were, it is impossible to experience the joy of being. At a certain point, unless we have the power to change something, we must embrace a sort of ‘come what may’ attitude. Simply worrying will not change the outcome of any situation; it only changes our state of mind into that of fear.

I’ve said this before, but the truth is – the past is gone forever and the future never comes; all we have is this instance in time. Sorrows and joys come and go, but the joy of being, when we find it, is eternal; it never goes away, even if you forget from time to time.

Wishing you peace and joy.

By Terence Stone

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