Young and Married: Making the Choice to Grow Up

Young and Married: Making the Choice to Grow Up

Today I am honored to have one of my posts appear on Tiny Buddha, one of the leading and most fantastic self-improvement sites on the web today. What follows is a brief excerpt and the link to the full article. It is a very personal story and one that I do not share lightly. I hope it will give you some good food for thought.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional.” ~Glenda Cloud

I got married three years ago right out of college. We had been together since freshman year, and lived together for two years. Still, we didn’t fully understand what was coming our way.

I remember my parents telling me, “You know, marriage is a lot of work. It requires effort.” I fervently assured them that I understood, because I thought I did. But understanding something conceptually and experiencing that thing are two different animals…

Read the full article: When Relationships Change: Growing Together, Not Apart

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  • Way to go being on Tiny Buddha 🙂 and on sharing something so personal, and helpful

  • appreciative in SF

    thank you for so poignantly sharing something so personal to you. your post made me realize that while i was thinking i was giving it every ounce left within me to salvage my relationship, i was instead harboring too much anger and resentment to move past the need to cast blame for all the hurt i feel. rather, it was all of my anger i was throwing back in. i have so much to thank you for. you’ve truly helped me take a step back to do some self-reflection. it is interesting how these issues about relationships can resonate at such a personal level when they are coming from such a neutral space, and from people you don’t know at all.

    • Thank you for reading and for the kind words. You are very welcome. I am so glad my words have reached you in a tangible way, and instigated that kind of depth of thought and feeling. It can be extremely difficult to step out of ourselves and look at things from an objective standpoint. It takes enormous strength of will and honesty, but we must do it if we are to grow. I wish you the very best in your relationship, and I hope you’ll continue to ask yourself the hard questions, and examine those volatile, and sometimes confusing emotions. Because if you truly love your significant other, and desire a long lasting relationship, it is so worth it (and necessary). Be well.