Stop Burning Your Toast


Those who think that the rewarding things in life are somewhere over the rainbow… ‘burn their toast a lot,’ said Pooh” ~Benjamin Hoff and Pooh Bear

This week’s quote is taken from Benjamin Hoff’s The Tao of Pooh, and it reminds us to be heedful of this moment. Pooh’s toast analogy is really quite astute.

Too often, we become riveted on the past and future while we ignore the present (the toast). When this happens, we don’t notice our toast is burning until we smell it and it’s too late.

Then, we kick ourselves for ruining our sustenance, and plan how we will avoid burning our toast in the future. All the while, another piece has started to burn. It is a vicious cycle.

Instead, we must remember to check up on the bread inside the toaster (the mind). We use our sight and smell to make sure we get it just the way we want, and take it out when it’s ready.

Wishing you the most delicious, golden-brown toast this morning.

By Terence Stone

Photo by Adrian Ruiz

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