Why Do We Fall?


We fail the most at the things we do best. ~Anonymous

This week’s quote reminds us that failure can be a beneficial part of our journey. It is no coincidence that the words fail and fall sound so similar. There is a mentality that failure suggests some great plummet from heavenly heights into a hellish abyss. Anyone who has failed miserably knows that it is really not the case.

A failure, large or small, does not change who you are at the core. It may change your life situation, your perspective, but not the fabric of your being. How that failure changes us is entirely our choice. We can let it ruin us, or we can let it teach us.

Think on the quote. The things we do best are probably the things to which we’re drawn, and those activities we engage in the most. It stands to reason that the more you do something, the better you’ll get, but also – the more you’ll fail. It is normal, and often necessary to grow.

You see, failure is only ever true failure if we allow it to stop us from doing whatever it is we were attempting. If we learn from the fall, we get up, move on and that event fades into the past. Sometimes, we may even look back fondly on it.

Wishing you the courage to fall, and the resolve to stand tall again.

By Terence Stone

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