We are a Universe unto Ourselves

a million universes

Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes. ~Walt Whitman

This week, Mr. Whitman’s eloquence reminds us to be here now. Every instant, every thought, every emotion, every action, and every person is a universe unto itself. How easily we get swept up in the gravitational pull of these chaotic mini universes.

In space, when two adjacent galaxies eventually collide into one another, all is chaos. Everything breaks apart and takes hundreds of thousands of years to come back together to form a bigger galaxy. In life, every time we allow one of the aforementioned mini-verses to draw us in, we pay for the collision.

Yet, we must realize that there is no stronger gravitational pull than our own. We have the choice to collide or not; the choice to remain calm and collected in the midst of all the potential chaos. When we make that choice, we become the masters of our own universe; the watcher, the moderator, a cool and composed soul.

Wishing you intense presence this weekend.

By Terence Stone

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