A Few Words from the Master of Compassion

Forgiveness does not mean that we condone what happened in the past. It’s not forgive and forget. In fact, forgiveness might also include…the resolve to never let this happen again.” ~Jack Kornfield

Today, I give you a short video from the master of compassion, Jack Kornfield. I particularly like what he begins with, which is exemplified in the quote above. There is a common misconception that forgiving and forgetting goes hand in hand, or that it lets the aggressor off the hook. It is not so. Forgiveness is an inner journey that starts and ends with the individual who has been hurt.

I know I’ve talked at length about forgiveness, but it is fantastic to hear a fresh perspective on the subject, and he has some incredible words of wisdom to impart. I highly suggest you take the few minutes to see what he has to say. Enjoy!

On a separate note

You may be wondering why am I giving you this video in lieu of my usual lengthier Thursday post. Well, first, I’ve just entered graduate school and I’m having to readjust and rework my schedule a bit. Second, I’ve depleted my reserve and I’m in the process of writing a handful of new articles to be posted over the coming weeks.

That said, if any of you avid readers ever have the desire to write an article for Urban Spiritual, please do not hesitate to let me know. It would not only be a great help to me, but also offer a much needed fresh perspective to the site! Don’t be a stranger!

Wishing you a wealth of compassion and love this Thursday.

By Terence Stone

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