Are You in the Mood for Some Darkness?



If he were to tell you that he feels his body dissolving into a black hole without ever resolving
the question of your words evolving, solving the riddle of your hearts devolving,

Would you notice him disappearing, light being stretched – the pain is searing,
what would it take for you to hear him, cheer him or maybe you’ll jeer him?

As dark matter begins to penetrate – his mind, his soul, his divine estate,
you’ll attempt to hide your anxious face – wait – but now you’re too late.

Or maybe you’ll catch his waning arm,  he’ll pull you into this cosmic storm,
where you can begin to question your form, and mourn the fabric that’s been torn.

Better still if you’d become the linchpin, to hold him close so he can drink in
the power of your deepest convictions, thinking where he’d begin to fit in.

He could just roll into the darkness, head held high in all his starkness,
He won’t return – this is his promise, honest in his great catharsis.

He’ll roam the shady plane, making friends who do not know his name
finding love is but a game in vain because he feels ashamed.

Or you could stop his weightless plight, imbue the singularity with light
Hold his heart all through the night, bright because you did what’s right.

Terence Stone

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