Poet’s Pad: A Season for Love


Keeping with the theme of seasons from yesterday’s post, I thought this poem would be appropriate. As if you couldn’t guess, I wrote this for a very special someone…


When the sun sets on the horizon of my life
I’ll reflect upon the seasons of my years.
I’m sure I won’t remember much
of the joys and pains of childhood,
but rather I’ll recall
when the buds of Spring had blossomed.

It was with you
with that first kiss and carnal night
when all my soul
burst into myriad roses

Those sweet smelling days of Spring and Summer
one moment so delicious
the next, overcast with monstrous storms
that lusty volatile love; no time
for dwelling or soaking.

The Spring demands blithe sunshine.
The Summer craves thick heat.

Now, in Autumn
the colors change—not as bright
but deeper, richer.
The falling leaves’ alluring flight—
they show us that the winter always comes.

Autumn’s often bitter-sweet—
all its fleeting beauty is impermanence.

It does not mourn,
but simply passes peacefully to
Winter’s solemn embrace.

Our winter’s yet to come my love
a time of seeming barrenness and death

it is not so.

Beneath the grim façade,
life bubbles calmly, gently
secure and untouchable.

Winter illuminates life’s strength
and love’s eternal stay.

When the sun sets on
the horizon of my life
and they ask me of my fondest memories,
I’ll think of
those seasons spent with you.

By Terence Stone © 2013

Wishing you purest Love this Friday.

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