Poet’s Pad: Meditation

SnakeMeditationArt by Cameron Gray

My meditation practice has been particularly fruitful and insightful of late. I’ve said this before, and will continue to do so–if you are looking to implement a consistent spiritual/introspective routine, place meditation at the core of your discipline. Like any other skill that’s worth developing, meditation requires time and effort, but the benefits can be indescribably positive and ultimately change one’s perspective on life. With that said, I give you this friday’s poem.


The snake stretching upward
breaches the inner-verse,
unhinges its jaw
releasing ancient wisdom,
opening the channels

Pestering thoughts, phrases
fade into nothing
dispersed by light
of presence

Luminous vision,
tingling warmth
creeping outward
from the core
to those remote
making many into

The ocean waters
cease their tumult

all is still
glossy and crystalline

all landscapes merging
then begin to expand, retract
in perfect union

The paradox of eternal stillness:
it never stops changing.

By Terence Stone © 2013

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